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Urru Culinary Store Bandon

Pop Up Lunch in the City with Barry’s Tea, Bridge St. (location of the first Barry’s Shop)

Saturday 15th October

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Urru is heading to Cork City for a Pop Up Lunch Table with Barry’s Tea @ No. 7 Bridge Street Cork (location of the original Barry’s Shop and now Lyons Opticians).

Inspired by Cork’s produce, history and culture,12 people will lunch each hour across the afternoon (12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm 3.30pm) around a single long table. Each sitting will be hosted by one of four featured West Cork producers, in surroundings that evoke the origins of Barry’s Tea.

Urru serves a casual, familiar sounding menu however the actual food is anything but ordinary. We source really top ingredients, add a pinch of imagination and make the familiar, casual food experience a little bit more special.

On this occasion, we are serving a West Cork lunch together with the iconic Barry’s Loose Leaf Tea. During lunch we will touch on uplifting stories of Cork food businesses, particularly Barry’s Tea, who had their origins in the early/mid 20th century, as city-centre family grocery shops and then evolved to become food related businesses that we enjoy today.

The Pop Up Lunch is being organised with the generous support and cooperation of Leonie Lyons Opticians and Cork Coffee Roasters