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The Kingsley

Victoria Cross, Cork

 +353 (0)21 480 0500

The Kingsley’s Springboard Restaurant is home to some of the best culinary fare and creative chefs in Cork City. Our team of chefs continually strive to source delicious ingredients seasonally and locally in order to bring some of Cork’s renowned vibrant energy to their casual dining dishes. We are a featuring a fresh menu for our Taste Cork guests, crafted especially by our Executive Head Chef Ger Lynch.

The Springboard is a casual venue with a relaxed atmosphere referencing the fact that the site of this Cork hotel was originally the home of the city’s renowned public baths, the Lee Baths, which opened in 1934 and closed in 1986. There are unique images on the walls taken from the years when this area was an enormously popular spot for meeting and spending time together for the locals of Cork.