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BBQ Blowout

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Opening Times:

Wed-Thurs: 4pm-10.30pm

Fri-Sat: 4pm-11.30pm

Sun: 4pm-10pm

Holy Smoke is a restaurant specializing in Pit Smoked BBQ, offering trays of meats, sides & extras, craft beers & cocktails in a comfortable industrial modern setting.

Holy Smoke Neon

Holy Smoke Neon

Pit Smoked BBQ is Low & Slow cooking over wood fire & smoke for between 3-16 hours. All our custom cuts of fresh Irish meats are smoked in-house daily using carefully select varieties of woods to compliment each dish. The wood & charcoal we use is sourced from 100% sustainable woodlands & is free from all nasty chemicals. This gives a unique and distinct aroma & taste to the meats ‘bark’. Each cut of meat is coated with one of our three custom blend Smoke House Original Dry Rubs. Dry Rubbing is the process of seasoning meat using a variety of herbs & spices to create delicious flavour. The cuts of dry-rubbed meat are then cooked low & slow in our specially imported Smoker & regularly basted using our handmade Herb Brush to build even more flavor complexity. Our meats, sides & extras are finished on our custom built BBQ grill to complete that mouth-watering Pit Smoked BBQ taste.

We strive to ensure the customer gets a unique experience & the ultimate in customer service when they come dine with us. Food is also served ‘Family Style’, which is a communal, sociable way to eat and share the enjoyment of each delicious dish served. We at Holy Smoke will educate the customer on the pairing of specific beverages with specific dishes to ensure the best all round dining experience the city has to offer.

We will be running a Meet the brewer evening with 8 Degrees on the 13th of October at 6pm, and a Meet the distiller evening with St Patricks Distillery on the 14th October at 6pm. We will be hosting a food pairing and a masterclass for all with samples of drinks and food.

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Call now : 021 4273000